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: NSW will be Germany, France, Japan, the United Kingdom and the five countries of Italy as the object, and to camouflage as the theme, to build Nike Air Max camouflage national series. In this series of shoes including two pairs of Air Max 1, Max 90, Air three - a pair of Air Classic BW, Air Max, a pair of 180 pairs of Air Max 95 and a pair of Air Max 97, ten pairs of shoes are camouflage decorate the shoe body, accompanied with the same color camouflage shoes box. , following the launch of the black / fluorescent Air Jordan I, soon followed the Air Jordan L Style One debut. As shown, this pair of shoes is black / yellow and fluorescent color, the black leather vamp is to create, and to the fluorescent yellow car line for contrast, and the shoe body side end with air holes Goubiao as in the past, very delicate and beautiful. The shoes are also equipped with a white foam unit in the bottom, and the fluorescent yellow outsole are surging, the collision of dazzling brilliance. Finally, the strengthening belt is also essential for the double dragon punchline, inspiration from Air Jordan I shoes draw a perfect end. This new product is now on sale at the major stores. Please feel free to contact us. New new mall has other colors in hot sales! [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] with respect to the plight of the 2008 Olympic Games, Adidas (stores) just released 2012 performance in Greater China grew 15 percent, is a "counter-attack." Since 2008 the leadership overestimated the Chinese market after the Olympics, resulting in serious backlog of inventory, it gave me the opportunity to overtake a lot of local brands. Now, the domestic sporting goods market has entered the worst of times, the general decline in the overall performance. Anta (stores) Sports (02020.HK) net profit for the first time since the five-year decline; Olympic sports (01968.HK) turnover decreased by 37.5%, net profit of 778 million yuan from the 2011 drop 60.1 percent; Nike Greater China growth has lagged behind the global market growth rate. The best time Adidas seems to usher in Beijing after the Olympics. March 8, in the "Economic Observer" interview, general manager of high Skyline Adidas Greater China director for reform over the past year made a detailed anatomy. Skyline High, said one business focus in 2013 is to expand the shop's lower-tier cities, plans to sell 800 this year, of which two-thirds of the lower-tier cities, China's future growth in the vast majority of consumer demand generated in the low line city. In this regard, adidas by the census and its own research to develop a list and order of a single shop. "countryside" timetable "After 2008, Adidas fir Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale st encountered the stock crisis, when the 2009 crisis, when industry-wide inventory, Adidas has come up with solutions, such as the country is again divided into six zones, increase support for dealers efforts, but also the first to propose Adidas 'channel sink', high Skyline its managing director of China announced that it will expand the market to six-tier cities, the whole industry think that's incredible. "key road sports consulting firm founder Zhang said. Adidas had developed a strategy called "the road leading to 2015", the Strategic Plan to 2015 deep into the whole China over 1400 low-tier cities, currently only extends the half. High Skyline recalled that in early 2000, when most of the Adidas shop are open at one to three tier cities, so most of the stores are in major cities, and now need to change this deployment. Adidas research team first national census information in 2010, to understand the population and level of economic development, wealth levels in different provinces, in addition, also received data from retailers, fast-food restaurants and other industries, is also investigating how many open every place banks, schools, department stores, etc., after these data were aggregated, and then analyze how much Adidas currently has market share in that city or region, the number of competitors share, enter that area there is much opportunity. For example, this place Adidas market share is very low, you want to increase market share, or where the blank, by this way also came in a sequence, press has gradually go to these places to shop. This is the Adidas shop in a future roadmap. What order open, where the first open, where after opening, have carried out a very rigorous calculations. High Skyline Adidas represent the number of shop next year we will continue to rise, mainly in lower-tier cities. He revealed an ongoing project, through this project to determine how fast attack to enter these low-tier cities, how to help dealers sell more quickly in these places, and can more easily buy goods from Adidas, provide to that place to go. In some low-tier cities, few international brands involved, in this case, high Skyline said, "We will do an assumption simulation, and then shop accordingly and then develop our plan." He stressed that the low-tier cities consumers increasingly want to buy an international brand, which Adidas to create a good environment, but with the entry of Adidas, while some of our competitors will have to come, competition will become even more intense. Overall, Adidas's goal is to further China 2015 1400 low-tier cities, and currently only open 350, less than half. Skyline High, said this is because in 2012 t jordan 3 katrina 2018 he overall economic environment is not very good, not only for the sporting goods industry, there are a lot of other industries have suffered a challenge, so a little change of pace and a little shop plans. throughout 2012, high Skyline and his team have a very important task is and dealers "make friends." High Skyline said, to go deep into China so many low-tier cities, adidas is no way to totally self-employed, you need to shop together through distributors, and dealers is required by their "friends" to find their own partners to offline Local shop smaller cities again. In the 18 months prior to 2013, for the low-line market, Adidas has also changed the media delivery ratio and core marketing communication strategy, trying to further enhance low-tier cities in brand awareness. It will spend more on low-tier cities in the media, such as television advertising. "We are now offering television advertising mainly for low-tier cities, because there is more use of television." High Skyline said. eliminate Stock Adidas suppliers from Adidas to ensure that they earn the highest profits. As for how to do it, said high Skyline through digital reading. Every day, each one selling point, a list of each Adidas require auto sales data in real-time feedback. Upon receipt, the Adidas team will integrate the data into standard systems and reports, and then analyzed. About the display data of the report, the data in the form of dealer stores and outlets and turned over no difference in time to be included sales, trading category, each product price points. "Hard to say if there is any difference, then, is that we have 100% of its stores data replenishment system, but auto shop may be 80% to 90% to provide such data to us." High Skyline explained. The most basic, these data can be found in consumer trends Shanghai and Beijing is very different, such as the southern city of Hong Kong fashion preferences, and some northern provinces, the trend is more like Korean style; and low-tier cities in China, Adidas blue sales of running shoes better, more beautiful orange shoes the best cities on high sales, it is because the latter uses high-tech equipment, such as better shock absorption, higher prices. These data also reflect that a storefront is male or female customer customer more and more kinds of products are more preferred. In order to ensure that consumers enter the store when you want to buy the product he / she will be able to find. using data stores in different areas of analysis, Adidas can help dealers purchase. Skyline New Product Showcase pointing high says, "When the dealer came in here, he can rely on his experience and personal preferences procur buy cheap jordans online ement of products. With this data in the future, however, we can tell them that you want to buy this pink shoe, the shoe piece in your area are selling well in the past. If there is no data to support it, everything is very subjective, with this data to support future, everything is documented. "" Through these surveys, we make a carefully selected product category, sold to raise rates. "High Skyline said. Adidas declared goal is to become the most profitable of all the distribution partners, the most profitable business partners. High Skyline says only do this in order to allow reseller partners willing to invest their money earned in the future in new store openings. above the key road sports consulting firm founder Zhang said early Adidas rely on a strong supply chain management in the Japanese market have been successful, and now transplant effective in Chinese market, when the whole industry in 2013 are at the "low consolidation "stage, when, Adidas has been a step forward a few steps behind this support is supply chain management. "We changed the market operation in China's business model. In the past, places great emphasis on the wholesale and retail business and relatively neglected, but later we found that this is not enough." High Skyline said. Want and the world's top retailers comparable Adidas to look aimed at the Spanish retailer Zara and Sweden's Hennes & amp; Mauritz AB, both fast fashion companies have in the Chinese market as the retail model. Adidas has been from the two companies "dig" talent. Focus Fashion Currently, Adidas is restructuring retail stores, the next two years, Adidas will launch subdivision counters in mainland China stores in 7000 to provide professional products to attract backpackers and even fashionistas. it has been respected fashion Adidas in the Chinese market, tasted the sweetness. Zhang said that in China, sports lifestyle is far from becoming mainstream, the demand for basic movement is not enough, fashion and sports style is very suitable for Chinese consumers. He said the sports brand Adidas as a hundred years, in the case of global resources, based on the field of professional sports, with the Chinese market under a lot of effort in terms of fashion. However, the general sports brand in sports on the basis of the properties are not strong enough to follow the style of the line, it is easy to fall into the casual wear market, "Red Sea" to go. The Adidas market segments in China to build a number of sub-brands, such as targeting youth fashion sports brand NEO series. 2012 Adidas focus on investment in the Chinese market including the launch of the first TV ad for the NEO brand. And compared t jordans on sale online o other Adidas sportswear are fast to build faster. High Skyline also revealed its plans in terms of outdoor category, "We found that Chinese consumers increasingly prefer outdoor lifestyle in China, mainly the northern region, we have opened 30 against in the outdoors store. "By the end of 2013, Adidas plans to expand the number of stores to 100 outdoors. adidas think there is an opportunity to point that children's clothing, children's clothing which has opened 500 stores in China, and will continue to invest in that category. In addition, high Skyline represents will continue to invest in women category. "Not that we did not previously pay attention to women's products, but the past few years, we found a trend, more and more brands stationed in Shanghai, stationed in China, a woman brought a very rich choice of numerous, each brand provided their unique product positioning, we found in the last two years, seems to be more difficult to catch before loyal women consumers into our shop inside to consume. "High Skyline said. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)from the summer peak is still some time, NEW BALANCE has released the first preview 2013 autumn and winter series of shoes, including a system from the United Kingdom and the United States are made of 576, 996, 1300 and other variety of new colors. From the UK Flimby factory-baked three classic shoes, including 576 with leather as uppers, N word Logo with 3M reflective material. In addition to suede and mesh surface is constructed of 1500 in the small details have strengthened treatment, making movement more comfortable jogging intimate, and there are two colors to choose from. 620 final build through suede and mesh shoe body, with white rubber soles, the perfect interpretation of retro style. The United States produced 996, we have the most popular suede version, another version of the 990 Ganso join maroon suede color, and orange leather version 1300 is also among the list of products, we are interested in July Start can be purchased nearby retailers, online retailers such as Hanon, etc. will also arrive, you must pay close attention NB fan friends. & nbsp;Reebok Classic really loves inviting rappers, such as Future, Teyana, Taylor, and Rae Sremmurd. Not long ago, Classic and Reebok announced they have signed Hip-Hop Gun Kelly popular singer Machine (MGK) for its latest global spokesperson, MGK himself through social media and his fans to share the news, and show the classic Reebok Club C series of new shoes. for this cooperation, Reebok said: Machine Gun Kelly can transfer to the fans, fans of shoes, positive energy, is consistent wi jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black th the brand. Yes, you can, but this guy is still a little handsome! APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! LeBron Soldier 11 new color hardcore style debut, grey shoes and rubber sole collocation, Swoosh and other details with a black dot. shoes information: NIKE, LEBRON, SOLDIER, XI, SFG,'GREY, GUM' , number: 897646-003 color: Grey/, Gum the shoes are on sale now. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!The son of Jordan Marcus Jordan Michael Trophy Room earlier opened the shop; it is attracting a lot of attention of Sneakerhead, believe that a large part of the reason must be from the double opening limit Air Jordan shoe. And recently, Marcus Jordan announced on social platforms, will be released in October 22nd new Trophy Room do not note style Air Jordan. It is a pity that there is no clear will be a generation of shoes, but according to the previous situation to speculate, the sale of shoes will likely remain in Trophy Room exclusive sale, your time is abundant, want to start with a friend to be ready. Following the highly demanded Grey colorway of the adidas Yeezy 750 Boost, an upcoming adidas Yeezy 750 Boost ??Black?? colorway has already been confirmed by Kanye West. Advertisment Kanye first broke the news on a New York radio Power 105.1 Breakfast Club, that a ??Black?? version of the Yeezy 750 would hit the market soon, and some are projecting it to drop as early as this Fall/Winter 2015. There has been no word on how Ye and adidas would use the shade of Black onto the sneaker, but here are detailed photos of how exactly the adidas Yeezy 750 Boost ??Black?? colorway will look like. The shoe sports an all-Black suede upper that was originally seen with a White boost sole, but the release version could be a fully ??Blackout?? colorway as seen below. adidas Yeezy 750 Boost Black Release Date Check out the detailed images below and look for the ??Black?? adidas Yeezy 750 Boost to officially release on Saturday, December 19th, 2015. The retail price tag is set at $350 USD. adidas Yeezy 750 Boost Black/Black BB1839 December 19, 2015 $350 RELATED: Sneaker Release Dates UPDATE: One of the biggest releases of 2015 debuts tomorrow, just before Christmas. The adidas Yeezy 750 Boost ??Black?? will be widely available ?C Store Listings listed below. Check out more photos below and look for them at shops like Solebox. For thos cheap air jordans e that are looking to scoop them up now, you can always hit up eBay. Let us know who??s copping in the comments section. UPDATE: Here is an on-feet video review of the ??Black?? adidas Yeezy 750 Boost by TBlake for those that may be debating on whether to scoop them up or not this weekend. adidas Yeezy 750 Boost ??Black?? On-Feet Video Review UPDATE: adidas has confirmed the ??Black?? Yeezy 750 Boost for Saturday, December 19th, and below are the official images and store listings of those that will be carrying the release globally. adidas Yeezy Boost 750 ??Black?? Store Listings: AUSTRALIA adidas Originals Store Emporium Melbourne adidas Originals Store Melbourne Chadstone adidas Originals Store Westfield Sydney City Espionage Highs & Lows (6050 Mt Lawley) Highs & Lows (Perth) Sneakerboy (Melbourne) AUSTRIA The 6th Floor BELGIUM adidas Originals Store Antwerp Avenue Fresh Hunting and Collecting Monar Reservoir Shop BRAZIL Originals Concept Store BULGARIA Allure CANADA adidas Originals Store Montr??al adidas Originals Store Toronto adidas Originals Store Vancouver Haven (Edmonton & Vancouver) Livestock (Toronto & Vancouver) NRML Off The Hook Boutique CHINA adidas Originals Store Shenzhen CoCo Park Beijing SLT Brand Center Catalog Chongqing North Paradise Walk Originals Store Deal EXI.T Foss I.T Juice Shanghai HHL Brand Center Unik COLOMBIA adidas Originals Store Medellin Tesoro adidas Store Bogota Calle 122 DENMARK adidas Originals Store Copenhagen Foot Locker (Copenhagen) Naked Norse Project Rezet Size? Storm Stoy Munkholm Wood Wood FRANCE Acte 2 adidas Brand Center Paris adidas Originals Store Paris Citadium Colette Galeries Lafayette Le HUB Bastille Shinzo Size ? SNEAKERSNSTUFF Starcow Summer GERMANY 43einhalb adidas Originals Store Berlin asphaltgold Beastin Foot Locker Foot Locker (M??nchen and Stuttgart) Glory Hole JD Sports No74 Overkill GmbH Solebox (Muenchen & Berlin) Suppa The Good Will Out Uebervart Wood Wood GREECE Device1 Phat Soles HONG KONG EXI.T Juice Hong Kong D-MOP/J-01 adidas Originals Store Hong Kong Causeway Bay HUNGARY La Soleil INDIA adidas Originals, Mumbai adidas Brand Store, Bangalore INDONESIA Goods Dept IRELAND Brown Thomas JD Size? ISRAEL Factory 54 Namal ITALY adidas Originals Store Milan adidas Originals Store Rome Antonia Antonioli AW Lab Backdoor Cotton Club Deliberti Di Vincenzo Boutique Eraldo Excelsior Foot Locker G&b Negozio Luisa via Roma O?? One Block Down Papini Par5 Size ? SlamJam Ferrara SlamJam Milan Sneakers 76 Space23 (Rome and Milano) Spazio Pritelli Special Milano Spectrum Spoon Suede Sugar Susi Store The Dope Factory Urban Jungle (Roma and Napoli) JAPAN Isetan Shinjuku Styles Daikanyama UNDFTD cheap foamposites Osaka Dice & Dice Tokyo United Arrows & Sons Tokyo adidas Originals Flagship Store Tokyo Undefeated Shizuoka Dice & Dice Fukuoka DSM Ginza Edifice GR8 VA BEAMS Tokyo Undefeated JP Billy??s ENT REPUBLIC OF KOREA 10 Corso Como adidas Originals Seoul Flagship Store adidas Originals Store Busan Seomyun adidas Originals Store Daegu Dongsungno adidas Originals Store Gwangji Chungjangno adidas Originals Store Hyundai Daegu adidas Originals STore Seoul Daehakro adidas Originals Store Seoul Itaewon adidas Originals Store Seoul Myungdong Bcoontheshop Cheongdam Beaker Cheongdam Flagship Beaker Hannam Flagship Kasina Haeundae Kasina Hongdae Kasina Seoul Koon Haeundae Koon With A View Sinsa KUWAIT Harvey Nichols Kuwait LEBANON The Good Life MALAYSIA adidas Originals Store Pavilion NETHERLANDS adidas Originals Store Amsterdam Baskets Foot Locker FOUR by Azzurro JD Sport Patta Size ? Woei NEW ZEALAND Loaded High Street NORWAY YME Studios PHILLIPPINES Commonwealth ROMANIA Baneasa Shopping City RUSSIAN FEDERATION Brandshop Galeria Kuznetsk Most 20 Minto Nevskiy 152 (babochka) Tsvetnoy Bulevar (OR) SINGAPORE adidas Originals Store Singapore, Scotts Road Limited Edt Chamber SOUTH AFRICA Shelflife adidas Originals Store Canal Walk SPAIN 24 Kilates adidas Originals Store Barcelona adidas Originals Store Madrid Elite Foot Locker Foot Locker Barcelona Limited Editions Nigra Mercato Sivasdescalzo Barcelona Sivasdescalzo Madrid SWEDEN Aplace C-Store Foot Locker Stockholm Nitty Gritty Sneakersnstuff Tres Bien Shop SWITZERLAND titolo sport TAIWAN adidas Originals Store Nanxi Invincible East Invincible Central Juice Taipei Invincible South THAILAND adidas Originals Store Bangkok Siam Center TURKEY adidas (?stinye) UKRAINE The Icon UNITED ARAB EMIRATES adidas Originals Store The Dubai Mall Level Shoe District UNITED KINGDOM adidas Originals Store Liverpool adidas Originals Store London adidas Store London Dover Street Market Endclothing Flannels Footlocker Footpatrol Ltd Hanon Harvey Nichols, Manchester and Birmingham JD Sports Sneakersnstuff Triads Ltd UNITED STATES Addict adidas Originals (Check Local Store) adidas Store (Check Local Store) Bait (Check Local Store) Barneys Chicago BBC ?C Billionaire Boys Club BLENDS (Check Local Store) Bows and Arrows Burn Rubber Champs (Check Local Store) CLICKS COMMONWEALTH Concepts COOL JS Cream CRSVR Dover Street Market NY DRIP (Antenna) Eblens Epitome EXPRESSIONS Extra Butter (LES) Extra Butter (Rockville Centre) Feature Las Vegas Foot Locker (Check Local Store) Footaction (Check Local Store) GOT SOLE Jimmy Jazz Kicks Sole Provider KITH Kith Brooklyn LACE UP LEADERS Major NEO 39 NEXT/XHIBITION ONENESS Packer Shoes, Inc. PacSun (Check Local Sto air jordan 11 space jam for sale re) Politics Lafayette Premier Private Proper ROCK CITY KICKS RSVP Gallery Shiehk Shoes SHOE BIZ Shoe Gallery Shoe Palace (Check Local Store) SIMONS (Check Local Store) Sneaker Junkies Sneaker Politics SNEAKER TRAIN Sneaker Villa (Check Local Store) Social Status CPittsburg Liberty, Pittsburg Penn, Charlotte) SOLE CLASSIC SOLES INC (Miami and Miami Beach) St. Alfred SUCCEZZ The Darkside Initiative The Vault Ubiq Undefeated UNDFTD (Las Vegas, SF, Silverlake) UNHEARD OF Walters WEST Wish ATL UPDATE: The adidas Yeezy 750 Boost ??Black?? is set to launch on December 19th, and here are the latest images of the upcoming release via YTWW. UPDATE: Here is your best look yet at the ??Black?? adidas Yeezy 750 Boost from SneakerSteal, who cited Shoe Palace which is good news as this release may be more widely available than everyone anticipated. Stay tuned for the official word from adidas. UPDATE: Next weekend will be the debut of Kanye West??s ??Black?? adidas Yeezy 750 Boost that has created a lot of buzz these past couple weeks. Today, we get a closer look via YTWW of the highly anticipated release. Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for official images coming next week. UPDATE: Cyhi The Prynce is the latest celebrity to receive the ??Black?? Yeezy 750s and he took a couple of pictures of them below, which even Kanye appeared in. Stay tuned for the official unveiling of the ??Black?? 750s to come soon. UPDATE: Celebrities are starting to release their pairs of the ??Black?? adidas Yeezy 750 Boost, and Travis Scoot was one who has already got a pair from Kanye West. Check out the first look at the official ??Black?? Yeezy 750s below and stay tuned for the official unveiling. UPDATE: Kim K has officially announced that the next adidas Yeezy release will be the adidas Yeezy 750 Boost ??Black?? that will become available on December 19th. Below are a few teaser images of the shoe via Kim K that look exactly like the pairs that Ibn Jasper claimed were fake. Kim just announced via her livestream that the Adidas YeezyBoost 750s in BLACK are COMING!!! ??? Kanye West (@YeezusKKW) December 3, 2015& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] 1924, Dassler brothers establish "Dassler Brothers" Shoe Factory. In 1948, the brothers eventually parted ways. His brother Rudolf - Dassler created the PUMA brand. That year, PUMA company was officially established, the company's first born feet shoes named PUMA ATOM. The next few years, PUMA's products (mainly football products), well known to the outside world gradually. & Nbsp; 1958 World Cup finals in Sweden, Brazil and Sweden, Retro jordans for sale the two teams have players wearing PUMA shoes. Particularly Brazil squad's two star Pele and Didi, were PUMA sneakers fans. 1962 Brazilian team not only win again, Pele also won the World Cup best player, wearing PUMA shoes still. In 1967, PUMA NO.1 trademark was born, which is by the famous German cartoonist Bakersfield (LUTZ BACKES) designed cougar. In 1968, wearing PUMA jersey Italian team won the European Cup in Rome. 1970 World Cup in Mexico, Brazil Pele won the World Cup third seat! This time, he was wearing sneakers PUMA KING series. 1974 World Cup in Germany, the Netherlands trapeze Cruyff also wearing PUMA shoes led the Oranje won the runner-up and won the best player. It must be noted that the Netherlands had not brought PUMA (Adidas), but Cruyff insisted PUMA wearing uniforms provided by the Dutch competition, so his sleeves arm ball only two bars instead of other teammates three bars. In the 1980s, the international football supremacy still belongs to the players wearing PUMA shoes! - Maradona 1982 World Cup, the young Maradona wearing PUMA boots debut in the World Cup. Mexico four years later, Maradona with his famous "Hand of God" and "Century goals" to help the team won the World Cup, and it has laid the number one position. In 1990, while wearing PUMA shoes Maradona failed to complete the championship. But another spokesman Mateus PUMA shoes in Italy, led the German team won the World Cup. He also won the "European Footballer of the Year," "World Footballer" and so on, PUMA brand visibility and popularity continue to be carried forward. In 2000, the African lion Cameroon wore sleeveless shirts PUMA new and improved appearance of the African Nations Cup, creating a sensation. Re-emergence of the World Cup in 2006, PUMA brand. Wearing PUMA sponsored shirts, Azzurri Italy won the championship. That tournament, a total of 12 national teams will be as shirt sponsor PUMA (At the same time, 8 teams sponsored by Adidas, Nike-sponsored six teams). In 2010, PUMA Diego Maradona to commemorate the 50th birthday release "Maradona 50th birthday commemorative edition" shoes. January 2014, PUMA's latest power-type shoes evoPOWER come, this generation was the grand launch of the revolutionary new PUMA soccer shoes soon as he appeared, PUMA company also declared a strong return in 2014 professional football athletic field. It is worth mentioning that, PUMA is the 1998-2003 sports apparel market sales and profits of the fastest growing brands, the growth rate of more than six consecutive years of double-digit. And behind the high rate of return, in 2002 PUMA advertising expenses in the United States was only $ 3.9 million over the same period, Nike's jordans on sale mens advertising expenditure was $ 120 million, Reebok was $ 45.3 million. PUMA sneakers classic series and feature technology Over the years, PUMA shoes after a change, has launched a number of series Konstrukt, PowerCat, King, evoSPEED and evoPOWER like. Each family has different technical updates and performance improvements. Here is a brief introduction PUMA evoPOWER sneakers core technology: Adaplite dimensional fiber fabric uppers make lighter, softer, almost barefoot feeling, greatly increasing the ball touch and enhance the force effects; custom-designed heel Insert accessory into the nature of the heel for added comfort and stability; GSF (Gradual Stablilty Frame) outsole technology is to make possible the curvature of the foot with the ball when needed; there is a new foam insoles can improve pressure distribution and buffer; Spike is to ensure a balanced mix further strengthen grip and flexibility. PUMA shoes famous ancient spokesmen PUMA shoes can be timeless, continued to occupy the market share, in addition to their good management, production and marketing, post-maintenance, there is an important reason, is always selected for the appropriate spokesperson. A suitable celebrity endorsement through outstanding performance in the game, a great audience and promote the endorsement of shoes sold, and PUMA in every age, always choose the one most suitable! PUMA KING Series Bailey First is that classic PUMA make KING series. Generations of world number one are related to PUMA KING series shoes alongside cast immortal glory on the pitch. Let's look at the Brazilian Pele. Since the World Cup began in 1958, Pele has become a focus of attention in world football, but together with the legendary Pele and his feet PUMAKING series shoes. From the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, Pele led the Selecao 3 gold cups, PUMA contribute significantly. Pele World Cup four times in his career, scored 12 goals for Brazil took home three trophies, thus permanently retained the Jules Rimet Gold Cup (won three times can be reserved). Especially the 58 World Cup and World Cup finals 70 years mentioned in the previous, Pele scored two goals in the former, the latter opened the scoring, is Brazil summit deal in the Hill. End of his career, Pele effect in the United States, wearing PUMA shoes to PUMA number one also make a great contribution to develop the North American market. Maradona If the Brazilian Pele wearing PUMA KING series shoes complete a career World Cup hat-trick, then as another King of the South American neighbors Argentina's Diego Maradona, also in full support of PUMA shoes, the completion of the World Cup win dominance. Spain 1982 World Cup, Maradona fledgling premature encounter with Argentina eliminated red card for young reckless Maradona pay a painful price, but PUMA sneakers staying continue to provide equipment support, force to help the ball Wang Pan on top. Later in the story we have been very familiar with Mexico four years later, Maradona almost single-handedly help with Argentina winning the Hercules Gold Cup. But after four years in Italy, Maradona almost complete defending, he and Argentina lost to Germany 0-1 in the final. But Maradona's performance in the World Cup has become a legend, and his endorsement of the PUMA KING shoes became a hit on this, popular. In addition to outstanding performance in the national team, Maradona in the club equally bring Barcelona, ??Naples countless championship teams, and thus greatly promoted the PUMA brand development effectiveness in their league. In recognition of the contribution to the PUMA brand Maradona, Maradona occasion of his 50th birthday in 2010, PUMA even launched a special commemorative sneakers a named "Puma King Diego Finale" of. Cruyff rebellious Flying Dutchman Cruyff also PUMAPUMA KING spokesman. Cruyff rule in the Netherlands and European football 70--80 years, Cruyff and PUMA shoes together writing a legend. Although the 1974 World Cup champion Germany belong to, but on individual performance, no one can match his. Eventually, when the World Cup best player title home Cruyff, explains everything, let PUMA shoes each World Cup is always a celebrity endorsement has become "the most eye-catching was a" continuation of the tradition. Moreover, to achieve a degree of PUMA's favorite trapeze unimaginable degree, and even the Dutch team's uniforms are wearing specially designed PUMA, rather than through the Dutch team sponsor provides. As for the club, as a player and coach Johan Cruyff's performance in Barcelona Barcelona godfather not only let this lay status, but also to PUMA in the league flourish. Eusebio Just leave us alone Portuguese star Eusebio is also the main spokesman for the 1960s PUMA shoes. In the 1966 World Cup, the Panthers turned out, he and his Portuguese team got one runner-up, wearing sneakers PUMAKING series Eusebio scored nine goals, was the tournament's top scorer. Henry from Reebok to PUMA, Henry's choice is always different. Career twilight years, Henry was still able to score in the big leagues, such as hemp, and he is PUMA's main spokesman in the US market. It is reported that, like DIY shoes and other equipment, adding their own style philosophy of Henry and even participate in the latest PUMA sneakers evoPOWER designed to PUMA providing many constructive comments and suggestions. Yang Chen When Yang Chen Chinese player in the Bundesliga battles, then wearing PUMA shoes, and later became the spokesman for PUMA shoes. Whether in Germany, or back home, Yang Chen superb game character are effectively promoted PUMA brand promotion. PUMA evoSPEED series Eto'o As the first card Cameroon star Eto'o like "Cheetah" The technical characteristics of the PUMA brand LOGO "Puma" is very consistent. Whether it is in the league of continuous growth and progress, or log in Serie A, as well as the recent Russian super battles shook the British, Eto'o's success is inseparable from PUMAV-speed series of support. Aguero As a representative of a new generation of Argentine star Aguero currently called PUMAV series DeSoutter spokesperson. His performance in Manchester to see, and V-speed series is also under his interpretation, tiger. Falcao In addition to Aguero, Colombia striker Falcao is also one of the main spokesmen V series. Whether it is in today's La Liga or French, the number of Falcao's goal has always been stable, while the V series shoes obviously helpful to enhance his dominance in front. PUMA PowerCat series Buffon and PUMA PUMA for many years as a brand ambassador, Buffon Italy and world football's status in doubt, the 2006 World Cup, wearing PUMA PowerCat series of perfect Buffon play to help the Italian team won the championship. Wearing a full set of equipment Buffon let PUMA PUMA brand again triumph in the pack on the World Cup stage. Fabregas and PUMA Although it is wearing Nike shoes kicked out of fame, but a small law firm resolve switch when PUMA impressive. Wear PUMA PowerCat series shoes, small law in Barcelona and writing his own glory, along with Xavi, Iniesta old, the Spanish national team's midfield a post must go to him. PUMA evoPOWER series Balotelli and PUMA just switch to PUMA's Balotelli again does not lack media attention, his arrival will no doubt further enhance the degree of concern of PUMA. And with the help of new boots, half of the season is expected to Balotelli for Milan in the Champions League and Serie A scoring more goals, even in the World Cup in Brazil for better performance Royce and PUMA "Little Rocket" Royce in recent seasons in the Bundesliga jump up momentum, he has become the first choice in the wing of the German team, wearing power cat family, he has become one of the main spokesmen PUMA shoes. Now, the advent of new evoPOWER shoes, Royce will get new equipment support, it is expected to help Dortmund in the Bundesliga and the Champions League back to a more stable, as the German tanks to achieve good results in the World Cup in Brazil. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion brand network.)The famous skateboard website officially released the day before Quartersnacks Nike SB to create a new shoe, this takes New York skateboard culture as the design background, with Bruin Hyperfeel as the prototype, launched this special version of texture quality. item: 869767-218 Nike-SB-X-Quartersnacks-Bruin-Pair.jpg (40.7 KB, download number: 8) download Quartersnacks x Nike SB Bruin Hyperfeel 2016-10-10 22:07 upload Nike-SB-X-Quartersnacks-Bruin-Top.jpg (53.21 KB, download number: 8) download Quartersnacks x Nike SB Bruin Hyperfeel 2016-10-10 22:07 upload Nike-SB-X-Quartersnacks-Bruin-Heel.jpg (47.24 KB, download number: 10) download Quartersnacks x Nike SB Bruin Hyperfeel 2016-10-10 22:07 upload Nike-SB-X-Quartersnacks-Bruin-Medial.jpg (42.39 KB, download number: 9) download Quartersnacks x Nike SB Bruin Hyperfeel 2016-10-10 22:07 upload Nike-SB-X-Quartersnacks-Bruin-Detail.jpg (150.62 KB, download number: 11) download Quartersnacks x Nike SB Bruin Hyperfeel 2016-10-10 22:07 upload 1385689793876_720x450.jpg (53.42 KB, download number: 9) download 2013-11-29 10:08 upload 1385689822240_720x450.jpg (25.87 KB, download number: 9) download 2013-11-29 10:08 upload 1385689797420_720x450.jpg (30.25 KB, download number: 9) download 2013-11-29 10:08 upload 1385689806264_720x450.jpg (43.74 KB, download number: 9) download 2013-11-29 10:08 upload 1385689801882_720x450.jpg (27.5 KB, download number: 9) download 2013-11-29 10:08 upload 1385689809350_720x450.jpg (25.42 KB, download number: 9) download 2013-11-29 10:08 upload 1385689813917_720x450.jpg (29.9 KB, download number: 9) download 2013-11-29 10:08 upload 00in addition to the earlier Pack Crackle series, Puma recently also for the Blaze Disc to create a new "Reflective" color. As the name suggests, this shoe is designed to use a large area of 3M reflective material to form a shoe body, under normal circumstances seems to be gray silver, in the light of the situation will show a dazzling light. As for the other design aspects also include a no lace system, a progressive body contour, as well as iconic TRINOMIC shoe soles system. Currently, this pair of shoes can be purchased through the Freaker Boutique Sneaker and other PUMA designated retailers, priced at $150 dollars. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: HB

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